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Information products are provided by markets as following; Securities, Derivatives, and Bonds.

Market information

Market information
Product name Market covered Real-time EOD
Securities A KOSPI Stock
Securities B KOSDAQ Stock, KONEX Stock
Securities C ELW, ETF, ETN
Derivatives A KOSPI200 Index Futures and Options
Equity Futures and Options
Interest / Foreign Exchange / Commodity Futures and Options
Mini KOSPI200 Index Futures and Options
KOSDAQ150 Index Futures
Sector Index Futures
V-KOSPI200 Index Futures
CME-Linked KOSPI200 Index Futures
CME-Linked USD Futures
Derivatives B Euro STOXX 50 Index Futures
Commodities A Gold Spot, Emissions
KRX Bonds A KRX Bonds
KRX Index 1 KRX Index
KRX Index 2 KRX Index

Reference information

Reference information
Product Market covered Real-time EOD
Investors Activity KOSPI ×
Market Action KOSPI ×
Margin Trading KOSPI ×

Information LicenseOpen

License differ by the usage purpose of information products.

Vendor License : license to distribute information to 3rd party

End-Customer License : license to use information internally

Please refer to "Market Information Policies" document below for details.

Agreement ProcedureOpen

Completion of the agreement is required prior to use of information. Agreement procedure is as below.

  • Apply
    Clients may apply for market data service on MDCS website or submit application form via email to sales representative.
  • Approval
    Prior to using market data service, approval of KRX and KOFIA must be obtained (takes approximately 3 business days). Clients must not use market information to establish stock exchange market. This is strictly prohibited by law, and approval request can be denied in this case.

    Documents required for approval : Application form, copy of business registration, and other additional documents requested by Koscom

  • Contract Signing
    Once approval is obtained, client may sign contract (within 1 month). The initial contract will end on the last day of the year and will be renewed automatically for a successive periods of one year unless either party gives a written notice of its intent to terminate the contract.

    Types of Contract : For Information Vendor, For Trading System, For Web Service

  • Revision & Termination
    Clients may make a written request to revise or terminate contract. Such request will be processed by account manager.

Market Information PoliciesOpen


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