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KOSCOM Data Service

Real-Time Data

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Real-time InformationClose

Real time trading information is generated in KRX matching engine and transmitted to financial instructions to be used for trading, including automated trading.

Market Covered

  • Securities : ELW, ETN, ETF
  • Derivatives : KOSPI200 Index Futures and Options, Equity Futures and Options, Interest/Foreign Exchange/Commodity Futures and Options
  • Bonds : KRX Bonds, KOFIA Bonds
  • Index : KRX Index

Information Item

  • Equity : Price, Quotes(10 level depth), Off-regular hour trade, Program trades, Short sales, Foreigner trading activity, Market index, Brokers activity per instrument
  • Derivatives : Price(5 level depth), Open interest, Settlement price, Base trading margin, Investor information, Underlying asset issue information, Sensitivity, Implied volatility, Spot information
  • Bonds : Issuance, Price, Quotes, Market Index

Please refer to SPEC Guide for details.

Direct datafeedOpen

Our direct datafeed, provided by dedicated circuit feed line, is high-speed and stable market data service.


  • Provides high-speed DWDM(800Gbps) and MSPP(10Gbps) dual backbone transmission
  • Our own network back-up center and dual set-up ensures halt free transmission
  • Separate test line are offered to check market data transmission
network service info


Real-time transmission Method TCP/IP

KRX Internet Distribution (TCP Client) > ① Wait for Access > ② Access > ③ Market Data > User Company (TCP Server)

Recovery Data transmission Method TCP/IP

KRX Internet Distribution (TCP Client) > Internet ② Recovery Request ③ Market Data for Recovery > User Company (TCP Server)

Authorized Information VendorsOpen

You can receive real-time market datafeed indirectly via authorized information vendors.

For end-customers who wish to receive market datafeed data via vendors, please visit DSAS website(https://data.koscom.co.kr/indirecteng/main.do) and complete an order form online prior to use of information.


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