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Membership Policy

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Chapter 1. General Provisions

Article 1. Purpose

The Terms of Use("Terms") set and forth shall govern members’ use of services, procedures, other necessary matters relating to Market Data Client Services("MDCS") provided by Koscom.

Article 2. Effective Period and Modification of Terms

  1. ① This Terms of Use shall be announced on MDCS website (data.koscom.co.kr).
  2. ② The terms hereinafter shall be effective after it is notified to members by posting on MDSC website or by sending electronic mails to them.
  3. ③ Koscom shall provide MDCS to Clients under condition that they shall agree the terms herein. If agreed, these terms shall be applied to any provision of MDCS and use of MDCS, superseding all other previous terms or discussions.
  4. ④ If necessary, Koscom may amend the Terms of Service and shall post its major contents and the latest version on MDCS website. The amended terms shall becomes effective upon its posting.
  5. ⑤ If Client does not agree to the amended terms, they may withdraw from membership. If Client does not show intention of cancellation by sending email or other means, within 7 days from the commencement date of amended terms, it shall be automatically considered as agreed to the amended terms. Koscom is not liable for any damages resulted from Client’s failure to be aware of the amended terms due to negligence.
  6. ⑥ Terms not included in this Terms of Use shall be subject to Act on Telecommunications, Telecommunications Business Act, and other related statues.

Article 3. Definition of Terms

The definition of terms used in Terms of Service shall have the following meanings:

  1. ① Client : It shall mean any member or non-member who accesses MDCS website and use MDCS.
  2. ② Member : It shall mean a registered user who agreed to the Terms of Use and provided personal information required for registration. A member falls under one of the following categories:
    • 1. Regular Member : It shall mean a member of the company registered with Koscom and has successfully completed membership registration.
    • 2. Associate Member : It shall mean a member of the company unregistered with Koscom and has successfully completed membership registration. Restrictions may apply to Associate Member’s use of MDCS.
    • 3. Dormant Member : Regular Member who has not logged in for the last 1 year shall be considered Dormant Member. Associate Member, whose last login instance has passed 6 months, shall also fall under Dormant Member category. Restrictions may apply to their use of MDCS.
  3. ③ User ID : It shall mean ID information inputted on MDCS website by its user to use MDCS and to be identified as a registered member.
  4. ④ Password : It shall mean a combination of letters and numbers selected by member. This is used to identify member and protect privacy of member.
  5. ⑤ Withdrawal from Membership : It shall mean cancellation of MDCS usage as per Member’s request.

Chapter 2. Completion and Cancellation of Service Agreement

Article 4. Membership Registration

  1. ① Applicant shall agree to Terms of Use and provide necessary information during membership registration process. By clicking the button ‘Agree’, applicant shall be deemed to have agreed to the Terms.
  2. ② This service agreement shall be completed after membership registration is completed.
  3. ③ The Koscom may not approve request of membership registration in any of the following cases:
    • If information provided is duplicated with that of other existing Member; or
    • If information provided is untrue, incomplete, or inaccurate; or
    • If applicant has been forced to withdraw from membership for violating Article 5, Clause2.
  4. ④ If there is any change in personal information provided during membership registration, Member must make necessary revision promptly. Koscom is not liable for any damages resulted from not revising the information.

Article 5. Withdrawal from Membership and Loss of Membership Qualification

Member can withdraw from membership by making such request on ‘Withdrawal from Membership’ menu. Such request shall be processed immediately.

In any of the following cases, Client can be disqualified as Member or may be given limited access to MDCS without prior-notice.

  1. 1 If information provided during membership registration is untrue; or
  2. 2. If Member violates the Terms of Use.; or
  3. 3. If MDCS are used for illegal acts; or
  4. 4. If it violates public order or damages other person’s reputation; or
  5. 5. If Member discloses its User ID or Password intentionally; or
  6. 6. If Member harms the MDCS usage or its safe usage; or
  7. 7. If it is deemed improper to maintain his or her member status for other reasons.

Article 6. Assigning and Changing User ID; and Finding User ID and Password

  1. ① MDCS shall assign User ID in accordance with the terms herein.
  2. ② Change of User ID is not allowed. If change is required for unavoidable reason, Member shall wihdraw from membership and apply for membership registration again.
  3. ③ If member forgets User ID or password, it can be found either on MDCS website or in e-mail account provided by Member after authorization process.

Article 7. Protection of Personal Information

  1. ① MDCS shall protect Member’s personal information in accordance with ‘Privacy Act’, relevant laws, and privacy policy of Koscom.
  2. ② Member is solely liable for managing User ID and Password and any consequences in relation to the use of User ID and Password. In the event that User ID or password is improperly used, the case shall be immediately reported to Koscom. Member is liable for any damages resulted from not reporting this case and Koscom shall not be responsible for this matter.

Chapter 3. Provision and Use of Service


Article 8. Service Period

MDSC shall be available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. However, Koscom may restrict all or a part of MDCS due to work or technical reasons.


Article 9. Service Fee

Koscom shall provide MDCS for free of charge.


Article 10. Addition or Change of Service

If required, Koscom may add or change content of MDCS.


Article 11. Suspension of Service and Notification to Members.

  1. ① Koscom may suspend provision of MDCS in any of the following cases:
    • 1. If provision of MDCS is not possible due to national emergency, force majeure, electricity outage, error occurrence, high volume of website traffic, or any other irresistible natural disasters, the services may be suspended without prior-notice; or
    • 2. If it is considered the suspension is required due to facility check-ups or etc, Koscom may change service period upon prior notice; or
    • 3. If MDCS cannot be provided for other reasons not specified herein, Koscom may suspend MDCS permanently upon prior notice.
  2. ② In cases MDCS are suspended due to reasons specified in Article 1, 2, or 3, the reason and the date for suspension shall be notified on MDCS website. Koscom shall not be responsible for any damages arising from suspension of MDCS.

Article 12. Service Provision and Uploading Promotional Contents

  1. ① Koscom may provide information related to MDCS by uploading on website or by sending email to Clients.
  2. ② Koscom may display advertisement on its website in relation to management of MDCS.
  3. ③ If Member does not wish to receive information specified in above Clause 1 and 2, the member opt-out of such service either from ‘Membership Registration’ menu or ‘ Edit Personal Information’ menu.

Article 13. Management of Posts or Contents

  1. ① Clients have rights to the posts or contents uploaded by clients themselves. Hence, the clients shall be responsible for any possible infringe of other intellectual property rights resulted from those posts or contents.
  2. ② Koscom may amend or delete, without prior notice, or restrict the review of any of the contents posted or transmitted by clients in any of the following cases.
    • 1. Posts that breach the Terms of Service or that are considered as illegal, obscene, or vulgar.
    • 2. Posts that slander another Member or any third party, or tarnish reputation thereof; or
    • 3. Posts that distribute contents that violate social norms and public order; or
    • 4. Posts that are related to illegal activities; or
    • 5. Posts that include contents that infringe on a third party’s copyright and other legal rights.

Article 14. Restriction on Use of Services

  1. ① In the event it is determined or has reasonable grounds that Member had provided false information, Koscom may restrict all or a part of MDCS usage by that Member and shall not be responsible for any damages resulted from this case.
  2. ② Pursuant to Article 5 Clause 2, Koscom may restrict all or part of MDCS usage by that Member and shall not be responsible for any damages resulted from this case.

Chapter 4. Obligations and Responsibilities

Article 15. Obligations of Koscom(MDCS)

  1. ①Koscom shall make best efforts to provide continuous and reliable services in conformity to Terms of Service.
  2. ② Koscom shall devote its best efforts to protect personal information of Clients. Koscom shall establish security system for protection such information.
  3. ③ Koscom shall not disclose or distribute Member’s personal information without Member’s prior approval. However, Koscom may use the personal information for other purpose not specified herein or may provide information to the third party in any of the following cases:
    • 1. If there is a request from relevant government authority pursuant to Telecommunications Business Act or any other relevant laws; or
    • 2. If the cases are considered that it is apparently required for Member or third party’s emergent benefit of life, physical state, or property in situation when Member cannot possibly express his or her shall or when prior-agreement cannot be made due to unidentified address or contact points.
    • 3. If it is required for criminal investigation, prosecution, or court trials.
    • 4. Personal information is requested for statistics or academic researches and provided in unidentifiable format to differentiate which Member’s information.
  4. ④ Koscom shall prioritize handling Member's opinions and complaints deemed reasonable. In some cases, Koscom may not be able to handle them promptly.

Article 16. Obligations of Members

  1. ① Client shall comply with Terms of Service.
  2. ② Member shall provide accurate personal information during member registration and maintain and promptly update such information to keep it accurate.
  3. ③ Member may not be involved in any of the following actions while using MDCS:
    • 1. To upload or disseminate Information provided by MDCS without Koscom’s prior consent;
    • 2. To use ID and Password of a third party;
    • 3. To upload or disseminate abusive, slanderous, obscene or violent content that my infringe other individual’s rights and any other contents that are not allowed in accordance with relevant laws or agreements.
    • 4. To upload or send promotional materials, advertisement, junk mail, and etc via email or any other means without Koscom's approval.
    • 5. To collect or save other Client’s personal information;
    • 6. To hack into the system or spread computer viruses;
    • 7. To perform any other activities that may disrupt stable operation of MDCS.
  4. ④ In cases when the information that is considered inappropriate for MDCS management pursuant to Article 3 Clause 1 to 5,
    • Koscom may delete the contents uploaded by Member or any other individuals without prior approval, in the event that the contents are in violation of Terms of Service or considered inappropriate for operation of MDCS as set forth in Clause 3,
  5. ⑤ Member shall comply with the followings regarding ID and Password.
    • 1. Member shall not share their ID and Password with any third party.
    • 2. Member are responsible for any damages resulted from negligence in managing their ID or Password, usage of third party, or etc.
    • 3. In the event that Member recognizes ID or Password are stolen or used by other third party, Member shall notify Koscom immediately. Member shall follow the necessary steps, if instructed by Koscom.

Chapter 5. Miscellaneous


Article 17. Ownership of MDCS

  1. ① Koscom owns intellectual property rights and any relevant rights to MDCS, necessary software thereof, image, mark, logo, design, service name, information, trademark, and etc.
  2. ② Member shall not reproduce, transmit, distribute, or broadcast information obtained through use of MDCS for the purpose of profit making without Koscom’s prior approval. They are also prohibited from allowing other third party to do the aforementioned activity.

Article 18. Assignment or Transfer of Rights


Member shall not assign or transfer its right to use MDCS or any other granted position acquired by entering this service agreement to any third party. The aforementioned rights cannot be offered as collateral.


Article 19. Liability for Damagers


Koscom shall not be responsible for any damages resulted in relation to MDCS except when Koscom intentionally commits illegal acts.


Article 20. Indemnification

  1. ① Koscom shall not be liable for failure to provide MDCS due to a force majeure such as natural disasters.
  2. ② Koscom shall be exempt from liability arising from suspension of MDCS, in the event telecommunication provider or other business partners suspended provision of service to Koscom due to the maintenance, repair, replacement, regular inspection or construction of facilities.
  3. ③ Koscom does not have obligation to represent opinions or information revealed by Members on MDCS website and is not responsible for exchanging goods or financial assets between Members or between Member and third party for MDCS.
  4. ④ Koscom is not responsible for Member’s expected revenue from using MDCS, profits or damages dependent on information provided by MDCS, or credibility of the contents uploaded by Members.
  5. ⑤ Koscom shall not be responsible for any damages resulted from Member’s negligence.

Article 21. Dispute Resolution

  1. ① Koscom and Member shall make best efforts to resolve disputes arising in connection with MDCS.
  2. ② Notwithstanding Clause1, any dispute between the parties arising in connection with use of MDCS shall be finally resolved by, and the parties submit to the jurisdiction of, the court with competent jurisdiction over KOSCOM’s principal place of business.


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