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Article 1. Purpose

The Terms are to set forth the terms and conditions for use, procedure and other matters about Datafeed Subscriber Administration System(hereinafter “DSAS”) website provided by KOSCOM.

Article 2. Effect of the Terms and Changes thereof

  1. ① The Terms shall be posted on the DSAS website (http://data.koscom.co.kr/indirectdata).
  2. ② KOSCOM may amend the Terms when necessary. In the event of amendment, changed details and amended Terms shall be posted on the DSAS website. Amended Terms shall be effective with a written notification from KOSCOM.
  3. ③ DSAS provides service in condition of agreement of this Terms. KOSCOM shall not be liable for any damage that an user may sustain due to ignorance of information regarding the amended Terms.

Article 3. Definition

The definitions of the terms used in the Terms are as follows:

  1. ① User: all members and non-members who use service of DSAS website.
  2. ② Member: an user who agreed to this Terms and registered as member by providing necessary information.
  3. ③ Member ID: unique ID provided by KOSCOM in order to identify users and provide services to our members.
  4. ④ Password: number to confirm member identity. Combination of letters and numbers selected by members to protect the confidentiality of the member.

Article 4. Member Application

  1. ① Users who wish to apply for DSAS members shall agree to the Terms and apply for membership by indicating required details in an application form in DSAS. By clicking the button ‘I Agree’ the applicant confirms its agreement with the Terms.
  2. ② Member Application will be completed upon KOSCOM’s approval for the users who proceed paragraph 1.
  3. ③ KOSCOM may not approve the application in the following cases:
    • There is an overlap of information with the information of a member who is already registered as a member.
    • There is falsity, omission, or misspelling in registered information.
  4. ④ In the event of changes in registered information, member shall immediately correct its member information. KOSCOM shall not be liable for any damage as a result of the member’s failure to change its member information.

Article 5. Termination and Disqualification

  1. ① In the event when member wishes to terminate(withdraw) the service provided by DSAS, member can request for termination to Koscom any time. But, Koscom may reject the termination when there is on-going service in DSAS/
  2. ② Member may lose its membership qualification or be given limited access to the service in the following cases:
    • 1. Making false statements in membership application
    • 2. Committing an act in violation of any laws and the Terms
    • 3. Using the service for the purpose of committing a crime
    • 4. Disrupting public order or tarnishing the reputation of others
    • 5. Intentional Leaks of its ID and password
    • 6. Hindering sound use of service such as endangering the service
    • 7. It is determined to be inappropriate to maintain the qualifications as a member

Article 6. Corporate Member ID and Password

  1. ① Issue of Corporate ID will be requested as user send DSAS membership application, and KOSCOM will be issuing Corporate ID.
  2. ② In principle Member ID shall not be changed, but under inevitable circumstances, it can be changed withKOSCOM or member’s request.
  3. ③ In the event of lost member ID, it can be re-confirmed with verification of information.
  4. ④ In the event of lost password, it can be re-set with verification of information.
  5. ⑤ A member shall be personally liable for any outcome that may arise from the management and use of its member ID and password. In the event that it finds out the fact that its member ID and password were misappropriated, it shall immediately report to KOSCOM. If the member fails to report, it shall be entirely liable, while KOSCOM shall be exempt from any liability arising therefrom.

Article 7. Time Period for the Use of Service

DSAS Service shall be available all year around 24 hours per day, unless KOSCOM has special reasons that are business or technically-related.


Article 8. Service Fee

All the service of DSAS is provided free of charge.


Article 9. Addition or Change of Service

KOSCOM may add or change the details of the service of DSAS when necessary.


Article 10. Termination of Service

  1. ① KOSCOM may terminate the provision of service in the following cases:
    • 1. In the event of force majeure such as natural disasters, a state of national emergency, power outage, hindrance, flood of users, etc., where normal provision of service is impossible, service may be discontinued without advance notice.
    • 2. If it is determined that it is necessary to discontinue the service for the purpose of checking facilities, etc., KOSCOM may discontinue service with advance notice, setting aside additional time period for use of service.
    • 3. If circumstances dictate that service may no longer be provided, KOSCOM may permanently terminate the service with advance notice.
  2. ② If the service of DSAS is terminated on the grounds of Clause 1, Item 2 or Item 3, KOSCOM shall publicly announce the reasons for such termination of service and the time period thereof on the DSAS webpage for a certain period of time before terminating the service. KOSCOM shall not be liable for any outcome resulting from the user’s inability to use the service.

Article 11. Provision of Information


KOSCOM may provide information to the users by posting on the homepage or sending E-mails when managing DSAS.


Article 12. Obligations of DSAS

  1. ① KOSCOM shall make its best efforts to provide consistent and stable service of DSAS.
  2. ② KOSCOM shall always make its best efforts to ensure security of the members’ information and establish the security system for protection.
  3. ③ KOSCOM shall not disclose or distribute the member’s information to others without the approval of the members; provided, however, that MDCS may use such information for other purpose or provide it to a third party in the following cases:
    • 1. There is a request from the relevant national institution pursuant to the Telecommunication Business Act or other relevant laws.
    • 2. KOSCOM cannot acquire prior consent because a member is in the state in which it cannot express its intention or whose address cannot be located, where disclosure or distribution of personal information is clearly deemed to be necessary for the sake of a member or a third party’s urgency of life, body, and assets.
    • 3. It is necessary to assist with the investigation of crimes, the indictments and the court’s trial process.
    • 4. Requested with a purpose of conducting statistic study and research given that a format of information is non-identifiable of users.

Article 13. Obligations of Members

  1. ① A user shall faithfully comply with the Terms.
  2. ② A member shall accurately write personal information required at the time of joining membership, and shall maintain and update the member information on file.
  3. ③ A member shall not do the following:
    • 1. Transmit or publish the information provided by DSAS without the prior approval from KOSCOM.
    • 2. Misappropriate the other’s user ID and password.
    • 3. Transmit or publish any contents: that are vulgar, obscene, insulting, and threatening; that can violate the other’s rights; or that are forbidden to use based on laws and any agreements.
    • 4. Transmit or publish any advertisements, promotional materials, spam mails, and e-mails without the approval of KOSCOM.
    • 5. Collect or store the other user’s personal information.
    • 6. Hack into the system or spread computer viruses.
    • 7. Commit any acts that may disrupt the stable operation of service.
  4. ④ KOSCOM may delete the posted information without the approval of the member or the person who published the information, in the event that information is determined to be inappropriate for the operation of information or service as set forth in the above Clause 3 or to be in violation of the Terms.
  5. ⑤ A member shall comply with the following regarding user IDs and passwords:
    • 1. A member shall not have a third party use its user ID and password.
    • 2. A member shall be liable for any damage as a result of poor management of, negligence in use, and a third party’s use of the member’s user IDs and passwords.
    • 3. In the event that a member recognizes the fact that its user ID and password have been stolen or used by a third party, the member shall immediately notify KOSCOM and follow instructions if given by KOSCOM.

Article 14. DSAS’s ownership

  1. ① The intellectual property rights and other rights relating to the service provided by DSAS, necessary software thereof, image, mark, logo, design, name of service, information and trademark, etc. shall belong to KOSCOM.
  2. ② A member shall not copy, transmit, publish, distribute, or broadcast information obtained through use of the service for the purpose of profit-making without the prior approval of KOSCOM, and shall not permit a third party to perform the aforementioned acts.

Article 15. Non-assignment

A member shall not assign or give to another person its status regarding the right to use the service and based on the agreement for use, and shall not provide security therefrom.

Article 16. Liability

DSAS shall not be liable for any damage suffered by its members in connection with the service provided free of charge except when criminal acts are intentionally committed by DSAS.


Article 17. Indemnification

  1. ① DSAS shall be exempt from any liability regarding the provision of service, in the event of natural disasters or force majeure, which disable the provision of service.
  2. ② DSAS shall be exempt from any liability regarding the provision of service, in the event that the service is terminated due to discontinued provision of the other business such as telecommunication service of common carriers, or the provision of service is impossible due to maintenance, repairs, replacement, regular inspection, or construction, etc.
  3. ③ DSAS shall not be liable for any damage arising from the fault of a member.