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Overview of DSAS website

End-customers, who wish to receive real-time Korea market datafeed via vendors, are required to register to DSAS website and complete an order form online.


Please follow the below steps to register and complete an order form online.

  • Register
    Please click a "Registration" button right below "Login" button. Once you complete the registration process, we will issue your corporate ID.
  • Issue a corporate ID
    KOSCOM will issue your corporate ID and send the ID information to email addresses you entered during the registration process.
  • Complete an order form
    Please log in and complete an order form online.
  • Review
    KOSCOM will review your order form.
  • Confirm
    Once your order form is approved, we will send a confirmation email to you and your information vendors. An agreement will become effective, once you receive such confirmation email from KOSCOM.

Relevant Documents

[KRX] Market Data Policy_KIMDP20160701 Policy PDF download [KOFIA] Market Data Policy_FIMDP20160701 Policy PDF download
[KRX] Terms & Conditions_KITNC20160702 Terms & Conditions PDF download [KOFIA] Terms & Conditions_FITNC20160703 Terms & Conditions PDF download
[KRX] Fees Schedule_KIFES20160701 Fee Schedule PDF download [KOFIA] Fees Schedule_FIFES20160701 Fee Schedule PDF download

Inquiry : indirectdata@koscom.co.kr